Best kept secret superfood for your dog Sprouted Buckwheat

Best kept secret superfood for your dog Sprouted Buckwheat

Nutrient rich superfood for you and your dog

Looking for a nutrient-rich superfood full of protein and fibre and loaded with antioxidants for your dog? Who wouldn’t want to receive happy, healthy wagging tails from their fur baby?

What is buckwheat?

Buckwheat is a superfood that is crazy healthy. Despite the name, buckwheat is not wheat and it’s not a grain. It’s actually related to rhubarb and is a seed used in human foods for many years because of its nutritional benefits, versatility and great taste. This seed is considered a superfood full of essential vitamins and nutrients. A triangle-shaped seed, it’s high in lysine, amino acids, protein and is gluten free. The seeds, also called groats, are eaten raw or cooked (similar to oatmeal, or are ground for flour. 

Benefits of buckwheat

So, what’s so good about buckwheat?

Buckwheat is full of goodness including:

  • It’s a complete source of protein (contains all 8 amino acids).
  • It reduces inflammation.
  • Promotes heart health and reduces blood pressure (rich in lecithin).
  • High in fiber and good for colon health.
  • Contains magnesium, manganese, B vitamins and selenium.
  • Helps to control blood sugar levels.
  • Gluten free.

What is sprouting, and why is it one step better?

Sprouting is basically soaking the seed to germinate it and increase the nutrient levels.

Sprouting takes this superfood to a whole new level because it releases the nutrients and makes them more bio-available, making it easier for your body to absorb. It helps reduce the starchy sugars and deliver the good stuff!

Is Buckwheat good for my dog?

Buckwheat is a gluten free source of fibre and helps maintain your pup's digestive tract health, especially dogs that have GI (gastrointestinal) issues. It also helps dogs with high blood sugar because it slows the release of glucose into the body. It is a great substitute for dogs that are sensitive to wheat. It’s high in protein (6g/1 cup serving) and loaded with antioxidants and nutrients.

The whole family can enjoy sprouted buckwheat for breakfast, lunch or dinner and now your dog can join you with our delicious nutritious treat! You are sure to see tails wagging, and there’s no greater satisfaction than giving a healthy reward to your best friend.


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