COOKIE PAL is made with 100% human grade ingredients and thoughtfully produced to make sure there’s goodness in every bite.

We use oat flour because it’s rich in fibre to support digestive function. Sunflower oil is rich in omega-6 fatty acids which help support a shiny coat. Molasses adds a touch of natural sweetness and is high in vitamins and minerals like calcium & B6.

Not only are our delicious treats human grade, organic, and non-GMO certified, they’re also great for dogs with sensitive stomachs. It’s COOKIE PAL time!

Did you know: human grade vs. feed grade?

Human grade also means we’re held to high-quality standards and food safety certifications which is good for everyone.

  • Human grade ingredients

    • We use the same ingredients found in healthy people food
    • Made BRC certified facility
    • Meet strict food safety certifications and standards
  • Feed grade ingredients

    • Contain ingredients not intended for human consumption such as feathers, waste fats and 4D meat (considered unfit for human consumption)
  • Proudly certified

    Many of our food certifications are the same you’d find in healthy people food. Maintaining our high standards is how we make sure that even when you’re giving your dog a treat, you’re giving your dog the best.



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