COOKIEPAL is Now Plastic Neutral!

COOKIEPAL is Now Plastic Neutral!

How often do you take your pet for a walk and see plastic on the ground? We want to live in a world where you and your pup can enjoy the great outdoors and not have to worry so much about the future of our planet. Sustainability is something that we are passionate about at COOKIEPAL, and we want to ensure that the environment and our furry friends are top of mind as we grow.


Plastic pollution is the most significant environmental crisis of our time, and we want to help make a positive impact. We've all seen the horrifying images of sea turtles with straws stuck in their noses and dolphins tangled up in six-packs. We know that plastic waste is hurting our wildlife and the land that animals live on. There's no denying that this crisis is real, and it needs to be addressed at every level—from the way we manufacture to how we use and dispose of plastic products.


Here at COOKIEPAL, we are proud to be a certified Zero Waste Facilityand announce that we are now Certified Plastic Neutral! We've partnered with rePurpose Global to fund the collection and ethical processing of as much nature-bound plastic waste as we create in our packaging. We are proud to have taken this next step to facilitate long-term holistic impact.


By contributing a percentage of every product purchase to plastic reduction efforts, COOKIEPAL is enabling the removal of plastic waste otherwise landfilled, burned, or flushed into the oceans every year. We support 3 vetted waste management projects: Project Saaf Samudra in Goa, Project Anant Pranay in Aurangabad, and Project Hara Kal in Kerala that collect and process hard-to-recycle waste streams otherwise too low value to be reclaimed from the environment, such as chocolate wrappers, chips packets, and similar flexible packaging items. Check out the pages linked for pictures and a 2021 impact report. 


By going Plastic Neutral, COOKIEPAL is not only tackling a $30bn/yr funding gap that plagues recycling supply chains worldwide, but is also adding a crucial income stream for waste workers and their families. Today, informal waste workers often earn less than $5/day, work in precarious conditions, and face severe discrimination despite providing a crucial societal service for cities across the developing world. Through this initiative, we boost waste workers’ income by attaching value to hard-to-recycle plastics, while supporting experienced recycling social enterprises who holistically uplift waste workers through occupational safety, health insurance, and skills training. 


Environmental protection is a core pillar of who we are as a brand. rePurpose pushes the boundaries on tackling the plastic waste problem and we hope this pioneering move pushes more brands to take responsibility for their own plastic waste.


While our packaging is also fully recyclable, we plan to continue to look for ways to be even more sustainable and help the environment so you and your pets can live a fun, playful life outside. 


#HappyEarthDay! From, COOKIEPAL 🐾

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